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Company Background
MDX Public Company Limited

MDX Public Company Limited was established to co-operate the industrial estate, together with Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand, under the name Gateway City Industrial Estate, with the total space of approximately 5,200 Rai in Hua Samrong Subdistrict, Plaeng Yao District, Chachoengsao Province. Apart from land development and sale businesses to investors, the company also provides infrastructure and facility related services to enterprises located in the industrial estate. So far, the project has been well-received and almost fully occupied.

With the vision on risk diversification due to volatile earnings, most of which are owing to uncertainty on land sale, the subsidiary, GMS Power Public Company Limited, was thus founded. DMX holds 52.01% of the subsidiary’s ordinary shares issued. The key objective and goal of GMS Power Public Company Limited are to operate power generation and distribution businesses in ASEAN, with the joint ventures with both domestically and internationally leading companies. Power plants were built, including commercial power plants called Bang Bo Power Plant, located in Samut Prakan Province, and Theun Hinboun Power Plant in The Lao PDR, resulting in clarity in terms of the company earnings.

In 2022, as evident in the company’s vision, adjustments were made to align with changing situations. The company’s mission was also adjusted to be in line with the vision. Apparently, apart from industrial estates and power plants as its core businesses since inception, the company amended its vision, as previously stated in 2021, from alternative energy to other types of energy and added the industrial land sale business, with segregation from industrial estates. Furthermore, another addition is pharmaceuticals through partnerships to support in terms of land and academic knowledge for the production (cultivation) of medical cannabis. However, given the uncertain economic situation requiring further monitoring, coupled with the company’s complete implementation of the business rehabilitation plan, the company places utmost importance on building trust among shareholders, partners, and stakeholders and ensuring steady business operations toward sustainability as stated in the vision, mission, strategy, and direction of the company.

The company is well aware of the importance of business operations in alignment with good corporate governance in order to be completely accepted. Moreover, it is equally crucial to ensure that the operational officers, who normally work to their fullest potential, are even more conscious, with the corporate value of “determination, progress, transparency, fairness, and service mind”.

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