Vision and Mission

Corporate Value

"Determination, progress, transparency, fairness, and service mind"

“TIGA” is our Core Values
T=Thriving to Develop

Determined to perform duties, explore, and learn continuously for the corporate goals and development with attention to responsibilities and studies

I = Integrity Business

With transparency, operate the businesses without any kind of corruption whatsoever, with the ability of and readiness for audit of every procedure

G = Good Governance

With fairness, consider fairness and equality for shareholders, customers, and stakeholders of all levels

A = Admirable Service

With the willingness to serve, perform duties with the service mind for shareholders, customers, and stakeholders of all levels



Drive, improve, and develop the land sale and development business for multiple benefits of the industrial estates, electricity and other types of energy, pharmaceuticals, and relevant businesses in a systematic way. Enhance recognition and foster trust as well as compliance for shareholders, customers, and stakeholders of all levels.


  • Create added value for the organization, shareholders, and stakeholders of all levels.
  • Improve and enhance processes continuously, with proper technologies.
  • Develop and strengthen personnel skills and capabilities to align with the enhancement, development, and business operations of the organization.
  • Improve and enhance management and compliance with corporate governance, transparency, and fairness for shareholders and stakeholders as well as social and environmental responsibility

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