Commercial or Industrial Hemp Plantation

MDX Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries have undeveloped land in Chachoengsao Province near Gateway City Industrial Estate. Thus, Management had the policy to utilize the area and have other sources of income in addition to real estate development. The company deemed it appropriate to use the land for commercial or industrial purposes. Meanwhile, the government also had the policy to support utilization of cannabis and hemp as potentially valuable economic crops to be used in the fields of public health, food, textiles, or even automobiles. The company explored all the details, be it legal aspects, utilization, investment value, and the future market and also sought partnerships. Thus, it decided to experiment with commercial or industrial hemp plantation project under MDX Green Energy Co., Ltd. as part of MDX Group.

The commercial or industrial hemp plantation is located near Gateway City Industrial Estate, Chachoengsao Province, on the space of approximately 7,280 square meters, with the plan for expansion in the said area. 


For the early phase of the project, the target production (plantation) is at 12,000 trees per year. The plantation period of the hemp species is around 75-90 days/lot, prior to the harvest. The aim is to plant high-quality hemp in line with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) of the Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives.


The plantation area is in a 24×48 M temperature-controlled greenhouse, specifically with the Evaporative Cooling System and Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) completely tested in December 2022. The first batch began in early 2023.

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